Which Avon Cologne Bottles Are Worth Value From 1960 To 1980. This collecitble Avon bottle comes with the original box. Discontinued AVON Perfumes and Bottles Discontinued Avon Perfume Cologne Hi there, My family and I bought an old farm a few years ago and are finally cleaning out some of the old sheds and garages scattered around the property. Which Avon cologne bottles are worth value from 1960 to 1980. If full and in original box, the prices tend to be trememdously higher (between 40-80 dollars) The bottles that are empty or with no box, would be lucky to sell for 3-4 dollars. What are some good websites to find the value of old Avon.

This is an empty Avon men’s cologne bottle in the shape of a spark plug (c 1970′s). Avon Cologne Decanters? how could I get a catalog for old avon. Champion is in bright red letters on the white bottle and it has a gray top. how can i find out what avon bottles are worth today. If you would like know your Avon bottles value contact us.
The worth of Avon bottles will depend on which

Anyone have any idea
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